Meadowmere Elementary - Drop Off Canopies

Scope of Work:

Replace both sets of existing drop off canopies.


Project Description:

The existing canopies, built in the mid-1960's were deteriorating. The Grandview C4 School District wanted to replace the canopies with a new design. To reduce cost and reduce the construction schedule, our team was able to design the new canopy while utilizing the existing concrete footings, either as-is or with minor modifications. The new design is intended to be a low-maintenance design utilizing an exposed galvanized structure, translucent and transparent polycarbonate roofing panels and open-ended roof drainage. At the ends of each canopy system, gutters collect and direct water to discharge from the end of the gutter onto a storm drain inlet encased in pervious concrete.


Construction Cost:

$230,000 total

$115,000 per canopy


Year Completed:


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