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Bayer Bistro - Corporate Cafeteria

Scope of Work:

Convert existing lab & office space into kitchen and dining space.


Project Description:

Who says you can’t have food in a laboratory? Alinea Architects was awarded the contract to design a new 4,900 s.f. cafeteria for the Bayer Kansas City manufacturing site housed on the first floor of the existing 1A building (Originally constructed as office and laboratory space). Special coordination efforts between the Architect, M.E.P. consultants, and subcontractors was imperative to construct a new kitchen, serve area and dining space within a 9’-4” floor-to-underside of structure volume. To conserve as much vertical volume as possible, the duct routing from a third-floor penthouse was strategically located to minimize impact on ceiling volume allowing the existing structure to be exposed as part of the finished space. The scope of this project included re-roofing the entire 1A building (approx. 12,500 s.f.), the re-glazing and repair of approx. 35 operable windows and complete replacement of mechanical and electrical systems necessary to support the new “Bistro” and the future 1A Modern Office Conversion Project..


Construction Cost:



Year Completed:


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