Bluey's Restaurant Remodel & Kangaroo Observation Pergola - Kansas City Zoo - Kansas City, Missouri

Scope of Work:

Remodel and reconfigure existing kitchen and dining areas within the existing building, extend the existing observation deck with new pergola, and provide new enclosure for vending cart parking.


Project Description:

Reconfigure and remodel the existing kitchen and dining areas (740 s.f.) to improve kitchen efficiency, replace the serve line and sales counter and improve customer circulation and queing within the existing building. 


To improve the kangaroo observation deck which is also the Bluey's outdoor eating deck, the existing observation deck was expanded to include a new pergola to provide a better observation vantage point and create a semi-shaded area.


To  improve the overall quality of the area, a new vending cart parking enclosure was created allowing temporary parking of vending carts as well as a vending location.



Construction Cost:



Year Completed:


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