Auditorium Remodel & Stage Floor Replacement*

Scope of Work:

Remodel existing auditorium and replace

existing floor stage.


Project Description:

The Auditorium Remodel portion of this

project was limited to upgrading wall

finishes from the dated wood veneer. To

accomplish this, decorative thermoplastic

wall panels of differing textures, finishes

and colors were applied to the existing

substrate. Existing wood trim was painted,

additional trim added, and existing

return-air grilles (at each side wall offset)

replaced with decorative perforated metal


The Stage Floor Replacement included the

complete tear-off and replacement of the

wood floor system. The new system

consists of a floating wood floor resting on

impact-absorbing cushions to minimize

impact noises and floor squeaks. The floor

planking is white pine, chosen for

economy and softness for sinking nails

and screws for prop support / anchoring.

The floor is painted with a flat black paint

to minimize light refraction during



Construction Cost:



Year Completed:


*Completed while employed by others

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