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GMS Student Locker Replacement *

Scope of Work:

Replace Student Lockers


Project Description:

The Grandview Middle School lockers had

performed well, but with hardware

beginning to fail and normal wear and tear

from 40 years of teenage abuse, they were

starting to show their age. The District

chose to replace all 1,000 lockers and

chose the color black (in lieu of differing

colors per classroom pod) to provide a

consistent more-sophisticated appearance

throughout the school. As the building

evolves over the next 40 years, these

lockers will compliment nearly any color


As part of an ongoing effort to be

environmentally conscious, all of the

lockers removed were recycled.


Construction Cost:



Year Completed:



*Completed while employed by others


GMS Locker Replacement

GMS Locker Replacement

GMS Locker Replacement

GMS Locker Replacement

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